Which timer can be used as a substitute product for ATSS Pneumatic OFF-delay Timers?

H3CR Solid-state Timers.
ATSS Timers have either power ON-delay or power OFF-delay operation. The substitute products depends on which type of ATSS were used.

Example: Replacing ATSS 24VDC 10S OFF

ATSS Timers operate with a supply voltage of 24 VDC and a power OFF-delay of 10 seconds. A substitute product for this timer is H3CR-H8L 24 VAC/VDC S.
H3CR-H8L does not have instantaneous contacts. If instantaneous contacts are required, a relay must be connected externally. The "S" after the voltage indicates a time range of 0.05 s to 12 s.


*These dimensions vary with the kind of DIN track (reference value).

Note:The terminal arrangement is the same, but the outputs are both subject to limit resetting.


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