What should I be aware of when operating MY4 General-purpose Relays AC100V Relay from a distance?

The distance depends on the type and installation conditions of the cable. Wiring power supplies over a long distance in parallel with power lines may cause reset failure due to voltage generated at both sides of the Relays from float capacitance in the wires when the coil input power supplies are OFF. If reset failure occurs, connect bleeder resistors to both sides of the coil.

Reference Information

Guideline for Cable Length Limits

Type Relay coil
AC Relays
Preconditions Must-operate voltage of up to 90% of rated voltage allowed
Calculation of
cable length

(Formula is applicable up to a cable length of 3 km.)
Example: For MY4 Relays 100 VAC, 60 Hz, MY4 with CW Cable

Answer: Value exceeds 3,000 m so there is no problem with cables up to 3 km.


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