What Programmable Terminals can be used with the NT Support Tool?

(NT-series Support Tool)
PT Models
NT20M-ZA3PC (-V[])
(NEC PC98 (MS-DOS version))
NT20M, NT600M, NT2000M
NT600G-ZA3PC (-V[])
(NEC PC98 (MS-DOS version))
NT610G-ZASPC (-V[])
(NEC PC98 (MS-DOS version))
NT610G, NT612G, NT610C
(NEC PC98 (MS-DOS version))
(IBM PC/AT or compatible (MS-DOS version))
NT20M (*1), NT600M (*1), NT2000M (*1), NT610G, NT612G, NT610C, NT20S, NT600S, NT30, NT30C, NT620S, NT620C, NT625C
*1. If the screen data is Ver.3 or lower, use NT20M-ZA3PC-V4 and update it to Ver.4.
(Windows version)
NT20S (*2), NT600S (*2), NT30, NT30C, NT620S, NT620C, NT625C, NT31, NT31C, NT631, NT631C
*2. If the screen data is Direct Access Ver.4, use NT-ZA3PC-V2/NT-ZA3DV-V2 and update it to Ver.5.

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