What is the proper wiring method to use when wiring the input and output?

We recommend wiring Power Supplies with the following method in order to minimize noise.

Separate input lines and output lines, and use twisted cables.

Noise will be induced on the output lines if they are laid together with or close to input lines.

Use short, thick input lines.

Input lines radiate noise, and must therefore be as short and thick as possible.

Do not loop input or output lines.

Loops in lines can radiate noise to other devices or can function as antennas inducing highfrequency noise

Use short, thick ground wires.

The damping effect of the noise filter built into the Power Supply will be reduced if a long ground wire is used. Always make ground wires as short and as thick as possible.

Connect a noise filter.

Include a noise filter on the input side of the Power Supply if faulty operation in electric circuits connected to the output from the Power Supply are being caused by sources of surge on the AC input line, such as large magnetic relays.

Ground the noise filter with a thick, short wire.

Use shielded cables for the remote sensing and remote control signal lines.

Remote sensing and remote control signal lines must always be wired separately using shielded cables to prevent faulty operation caused by the induction of noise. Noise can be induced when these signal lines are laid together with input lines or power lines, which often carry noise.

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