What is the operating pressure differential of a 2 port valve?

①The "maximum operating pressure differential" is the allowable pressure difference between the inlet and outlet pressure during operation. When outlet pressure is 0MPa, the maximum operating pressure differential value is the upper limit for supply pressure.
(E.g.) Valve with 0.3MPa maximum operating pressure
○ 0.3MPa inlet pressure  0MPa outlet pressure
× 0.5MPa inlet pressure  0MPa outlet pressure
∗In the example marked ""×"", the pressure differential is 0.5MPa, and therefore cannot be used. At a maximum operating pressure differential of 0.3MPa, the operation pressure differential must be less than 0.3MPa. (This is a common issue in air blowers)
② "Minimum operating pressure differential" is the pressure differential required for stable operation in the main valve (the differential between inlet and outlet pressure).
(E.g.) A valve with 0.7MPa maximum operating pressure differential and 0.02MPa minimum operating pressure differential
○ Inlet:0.7MPa  Outlet:0MPa
○ Inlet:0.02MPa Outlet:0MPa
× Inlet:0.3MPa  Outlet:0.29Mpa
∗In the example marked above as ×, the maximum working pressure differential is not an issue, however there is only a pressure differential of 0.01MPa if the minimum operating pressure differential exceeds 0.02MPa.

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