What is the bleed of precision regulator IR?

The precision regulator IR series uses a mechanism called a nozzle flapper. A nozzle flapper opens and closes the nozzle on the outlet side when compressed air flows into the pilot chamber for operating the main valve, thus controlling the back pressure in the pilot chamber in order to set the pressure. In this way, compressed air supplied to the product is made to flow continuously into the pilot chamber, so air is discharged to outside, even when the pressure at the outlet has not been set. This discharged air is called “bleed.” Most of the air consumption indicated in the catalog is due to this “bleed.” Note that “bleed” is a phenomenon attendant to the nozzle flapper, and is independent of the relieving operation (an operation which reduces the pressure when the set pressure rises to an excessive degree).
Note 1) Be sure to use a mist separator, in addition to a filter, at the primary side of the IR1000, 2000 and 3000 series.
Note 2) Use a mist separator depending upon the situation, in addition to a filter, at the primary side of the new IR1000-A, 2000-A and 3000-A series.

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