There seems to be a large error in the temperature of the Temperature Controller. Why is this?

The following causes are possible. Please check them.

1.Is the correct input type being used for the Temperature Sensor?
(Check the Temperature Sensor input type setting.)

The lead wires and the power line for the Temperature Sensor are routed through the same conduit, so the lead wires are affected by noise from the power line. (Ordinarily, this causes the display value to change erratically.)


Route the lead wires and power line separately.
Or shorten the wiring path.

3.The Temperature Controller and Thermocouple are connected with copper wire.


Either connect the lead wires of the Thermocouple directly, or connect them using compensating conductors that suit the Thermocouple.4.Check to make sure that the measurement location is appropriate for the Temperature Sensor.

5.Are you sure that a temperature shift has not be set?

Applicable Models: All models


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