Please tell me of any precautions for extending the lead wires of a Temperature Sensor.

Platinum-resistance Thermometers 
All three lead wires used for extension must have the same resistance and the same length. The extension will cause the resistance of the lead wires to affect the display temperature, so use lead wires with thick conductors. (OMRON does not carry lead wires for extension. Use commercially available lead wires.)

Be sure to use compensating conductors for the extension. Also, select compensating conductors that suit the characteristics of the Thermocouple. Do not extend the lead wires with compensating conductors that do not suit the characteristics of the Thermocouple, or with ordinary lead wires, as this would prevent proper temperature measurement. Be sure also to connect the wires using the correct polarity (+/-).

Use lead wires with thick conductors for extension. There is no polarity.

General Precautions
Be careful of the cable routing because extending the lead wires makes the Sensor more susceptible to the effects of electrical noise.

Applicable Models: All models

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